Hacking the Boxee Box

The Boxee Box is a piece of hardware developed by D-Link that runs the media frontend software called Boxee. Boxee is an open source project with commercial backing originally based off of the XBMC project.

Shortly after I received my Box I started to try and get root level access to it, I went the route of creating a python app that would give me such access that I would launch from within Boxee. Little did I know that someone else had already beaten me to this, just barely. After running into some issues with the filesystem denying me access through my python app I did a little searching on the internet and came across the Boxee Box Wiki, which I am now a contributor of.

Unfortunately there are definitely some limitations to the Box. The root filesystem is mounted as read-only which prevents anyone from tampering with the boot sequence, so enabling telnet on boot is not possible.

I'd encourage you all to visit the website to read about all the Box specific information.

There will be more posts to come regarding enabling smb for write access to the filesystem, boxee behaviors, and python application development.


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